Nutrition Performance Intervention

Nutrition Performance Intervention: $179.00

The Nutrition Performance Intervention™ is a 1-on-1 online consultation designed to provide you with insights on how your current eating style and food consumption patterns are directly influencing your current state of health and health numbers (i.e. blood pressure, A1C, cholesterol, CRP, etc...), wellness, fitness performance, and body image!  You'll gain insight into how specific eating and drinking actions are constantly causing reactions within your, biochemistry (blood pH and hormones), metabolism (mitochondria), and physiology.  The combined impact of your eating and drinking actions, create beneficial or detrimental reactions internally that produce the results that you're currently living with.  You'll discover how specific eating actions and "foods" consumed directly impact weight gain and the formation of chronic inflammation in your body!  

During the Nutrition Performance Intervention session you'll learn about clinically proven and evidence-based nutritional protocols for preventing, arresting, and even reversing common chronic disease conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, inflammatory conditions, all types of arthritis, stroke, and hypertension using a scientifically proven nutritional solutions and strategies.

The Nutrition Performance Intervention is an essential first step  for those seeking to transition off of a 'Standard American Diet', strategically improving your nutritional performance, and learning about the health and body image benefits of increasing your whole plant-based food consumption!


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