The Plant-Based & Vegan Foods Tour™️

Charlotte's 1st Plant-Based and Vegan Foods Tour!

The 1st step to going plant-based and vegan for health starts with knowing how to shop for the right foods! Join Shabaka Amen, Charlotte’s 1st plant-based and vegan personal trainer and nutrition performance coach on a guided plant-based and vegan foods shopping tour!  During this educational and motivational tour, Shabaka will be your plant-based and vegan guide, sharing valuable insights and best practices learned during his 30 year journey on a plant-based and vegan diet!  You'll learn how to shop in order to follow a science-backed and well balanced whole foods, plant-based diet with allowances for vegan food products!


Are you overweight or have you been diagnosed with a diet-induced chronic disease?  It's been clinically and scientifically proven that a whole food, plant-based diet can effectively prevent, treat, and reverse diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, obesity, and heart disease!  

During this tour Shabaka reveals his time-tested and results-producing “eating is training” insights based off of a 20-year career as a certified personal trainer and nutrition performance coach specializing in plant-based personal training. You’ll learn about specific high nutrient plant foods, proven to stimulate fast and healthy weight loss, while improving your health and health numbers, fitness performance, and body image! After this tour, you’ll be motivated to activate your higher biological potential for health and wellness and walk away with the confidence and certainty gained during this initiation into the science and art of going plant-based and vegan for health!


The Plant-Based & Vegan Foods Tour

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The Plant-Based and Vegan Foods Shopping Tour is designed for those aspiring to go plant-based and vegan for health, providing valuable insights and best practices for those who are overweight and diagnosed with diet-induced chronic diseases!